Since 1986, Precision Tool Grinding, Inc. has been dedicated to improving our products and increasing profitability for our customers

About Precision Tool GrindingPTG is a full service CNC Tool Grinding manufacturer who is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tools to meet your design specifications.

When your cutting tools are not working as well or lasting as long, your performance suffers which can lead to scrapped work pieces, excessive tooling costs, and late delivery.

Machine more efficiently and see cost-savings. We can help you reduce the cost of your tooling while improving cutting tool performance in your milling applications.

Our team is dedicated to offering you the CNC tool grinding that will save money and make you more efficient. We’ve been grinding tools for over 30 years. We are experts in ensuring your tools are brought back to their original performance ability.

As we’ve grown, we have invested in the best technology to give you the better quality with a longer tool life. Our line of Hi-Performance Carbide End mills are over the top when it come to performance and tool life.

We proudly manufacture our tools in Elida, Ohio USA.

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See PTG’s current price list for tools such as Hi-Performance carbide end mills, and standard Carbide end mills. For special tools, call us or send a print.

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